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Why Source

It’s all about the Source

Source Energy Co. (Source) is a Western Australian-based company dedicated to providing cleaner, affordable and more innovative energy solutions to consumers.

Sustainable Energy

Our energy solutions are environmentally friendly, reliable, secure, and ultimately more affordable. 

We tailor them to suit each individual project, depending on its size, type and the needs of owners and occupants.

Our vision for a more sustainable future, that is more than just about the solar PV system we install.

We seek to find more efficient design options, improved building services and better outcomes for all stakeholders, as well as integrated onsite storage, ongoing demand site management and customer interaction. We aim to continue to reducing environmental impacts for the life of the building, while supporting the network.

Better Value

Source set out with the goal of providing a superior service than others in the energy space. We remain committed to this goal and are delivering on that target with cheaper tariffs, superior billing system (HotSource™), providing real-time energy data and a high quality, personalised customer service.

With Source you have more control over your energy costs, which provides ongoing value to the owners and/or strata company.

Owners will gain the financial benefits of utilising onsite renewable energy without the risks associated with managing hardware, complex and evolving regulations, issues with customer management, including lifetime support, bad debt, additional management fees and a volatile energy market.

Hassle Free

Handover is a stressful time for owners, developers and building managers. Source ensures that there is a smooth transition to the customers and occupants when it comes to their energy supply. Our meticulous process ensures that all electricity services are functioning correctly. You can be rest assured that you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

For the duration of our involvement, Source is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the network ensuring all stakeholders obtain maximum value. Our superior and personalised customer service provides a memorable experience.

Access to energy data

We only use the best in class components, ensure installation is of the highest standard and utilise or develop the best operating systems.

It is in Source’s DNA to be innovative. Our competitive advantage comes through being at the forefront and sharing the benefit that comes through the commercialisation of disruptive technologies.

Because we are technology agnostic, we are able to adapt to and embrace the latest in development across all of our platforms from metering, generation and storage.

How does it work?

Source designs, builds, owns and operates Integrated Energy Networks. While you are focusing on achieving the best outcomes for the building, you can be rest assured that we’ll take care of the projects energy needs.

As a renter or owner, you should benefit in electricity delivered from the sun.

Source provides a complete turn-key energy solution working with you through all stages of your project.

“Buying into a complex with Source is a solid investment. Being future proof for technology advancement like batteries and electric cars makes a lot of sense.”

-Brett from Fiore