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The energy provider of choice

While other utility companies just want to sell energy, Source has a passion for innovation, with benefits that can flow through to consumers, the community and the planet. 

With the accelerated update of distributed and intermittent renewables, batteries, EV’s, smart-meters, well-educated consumers are demanding more control and a better outcome for the planet. There for a new breed of utility is needed; a utility than can provide an Integrated Energy Network.

Source is the leading designer, builder, owner and operator of Integrated Energy Networks in Western Australia helping consumer, owners, developers and building managers benefit from innovative energy solutions. While developers are focusing on achieving the best outcomes for your building, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of the projects energy needs now and well into the future.

How Source Fits in

Source provides a complete turn-key energy solution working with you through all stages of your project:


Energy infrastructure is an integral and essential part to all projects right from the feasibility stage. As the nominated electricity provider for the project Source will work to optimise the design with your team improving efficiencies and costs.


During construction our experienced and passionate team will ensure all hardware supply and installation occurs in a seamless fashion. We understand the complexities of the industry and we deliver on time, on budget and to specification.


Handover can be a stressful time for developers, owners and building managers and Source ensures there is a smooth transition for owners and occupants. Our streamlined process ensures that all electricity services are functioning correctly and you can rest assure you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


For the duration of our involvement, Source is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the network, ensuring all stakeholders obtain maximum value. Our superior and personalised customer service provides a memorable experience.

“Source Energy Co. provides an option for developers and owners to enjoy the benefits of utilising advanced energy technologies, with the comfort of working with an established utility provider. Improve design outcomes, reduce capital outlay and increased sales – simply a better outcome.”

Developing your own project?

While energy is an essential component to all projects there is plenty to be gained by doing it the right way.

Engaging with Source at an early stage can assist with obtaining planning bonuses with local government, reduced capital costs, improved space efficiency and enhanced marketing and sales outcomes.

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“The Energy Saving Consultant appointment was extremely beneficial. Alex was very knowledgeable and had done the appropriate research. I learnt a lot.”

                                                                                     -Emily from Fiore

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