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Source adds ‘Smart Paying’ to help their customers

Source Energy Co. Executive Manager Adam Stavretis has unveiled the recent upgrades to its smart metering system HotSource™, including adding a payment plan function for more flexibility when managing their energy payments online.

“HotSource allows customers to view their electricity usage and manage all of their account details by logging into their customer account portal from their computer, phone or device,” Adam said.

 “We have been offering this technology to our customers to help give them better visibility of their usage, and we want to help them manage their usage accordingly and simply their billing process.”

Source recognises that when it comes to billing, customers want options and more flexibility when managing their energy payments, especially in such unprecedented times.

“I am proud to announce Source has now implemented a payment plan function in Hot Source, benefiting the customer, and giving them much more control over their energy payments,” Adam said.

“We have always been about adding value to the community, to our customers and to the planet, and looking at ways we can continue to help our customers is part of who we are.”

Source is a Western Australian company, acquired by ATCO Australia in 2018, and takes an innovative approach to delivering renewable energy. Source designs, builds, operates and manages the energy usage with cutting edge technology. With a combination of grid electricity and solar energy to apartment developments, the Source solution addresses consumers’ needs for greater control over their costs.

 For more information on how to manage your consumption click here

Source customers eligible for WA State Budget once-off credit

We are pleased to share that the WA State Government has now confirmed that Source customers are eligible for this year’s $600 one-off credit towards their electricity bill as part of the 2020-21 State Budget.

WA’s State Budget and the outcome for Source

This year’s WA State budget announced that “Every West Australian household will receive a $600 one-off credit towards their next electricity bill” as part of the 2020–21 State budget, however the terms, conditions and eligibility was not clear.


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