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Our new improved customer system!

Created with customers in mind, we understand customers are looking for ease, convenience and want to better understand their energy usage.

The energy provider of choice

While other utility companies just want to sell energy, Source has a passion for innovation, with benefits that can flow through to consumers, the community and the planet. 

Unlike other energy suppliers, we are keen to work with you to help manage this precious resource, reduce costs and reduce our impact on the environment.

HotSource™ is our advanced metering system, providing you access to real-time information regarding your own energy consumption. 

No more waiting until you get your bill to find out how much energy you have been using. Jump onto your dashboard at your HotSource™ account and see what you are using – it is a really powerful tool to help you understand and manage your energy consumption and costs.

What are the benefits?

  • Just one log in will let you view your electricity usage and manage all of your account details.
  • Lost or stolen credit card? Need to change your automatic payment details? Just log in to your account and you can change your credit card or bank details.
  • Better payment options.

Other not so obvious benefits…

  • All your details will load quickly.
  • Your personal information is secure.
  • We’ve automated more internal processes, reducing the chances of human error.
  • We’ve set our systems up for future customer features.

Why we use HotSource 

Based customer feedback in 2018, we joined forces with a software development company in West Leederville and started working on our new system HotSource™  to make billing easier, more convenient and to help our customers better understand their energy usage. 

Unlike the “big” energy companies we’re not burdened by big accounting systems and lots of process, and are proof, small companies can mix with the “big” guys and get a better outcome for the customer, the community and planet.

“HotSourceTM; our customer centric user app, offers “real time” energy dashboards, ease of billing and customer interaction at every level of the service cycle.”

More Info

For more information on your bill or for more about HotSource™, you can contact us directly at:

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