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Owners & Developers

Improved value, enhanced design and increased development efficiencies

Source has a passion for good design provide benefits that flow through to the consumer, unlike other energy utilities that may just want to sell energy. By engaging early and working closely with your team, we can provide substantial value from feasibility through to building and operation.

Some benefits for choosing Source include; better value to owners and occupants, improved spacial efficiency, freeing up space in meter boards to give you more sellable floor area, potential headworks savings, advanced technology and improved energy services.


Technology installed on the project at no cost to the owner or developer.

Capital Savings

Capital savings for building services and potential Western Power head works reductions.

Sales & Marketing

Improved sales and marketing opportunities due to ‘smart building’ features, lower electricity tariffs and improved strata company value.

Risk Free

Source takes the risk on pricing, capacity charges, bad debt, customer management, lifetime support and changes to the regulatory environment.

Better Planning Outcomes

Local Government and regulatory authorities require minimum sustainability standards, and offer discretionary planning outcomes for developers presenting greener designs.

Our model will allow you to achieve and exceed requirements, maximising potential yield for your project and sett you up for a smoother journey through approvals.

Legal Requirements

While our model offers superior value it is imperative that the ‘T’s’ are crossed and the ‘I’s’ are dotted to benefit all stakeholders. 

Through hard work and experience we have developed a well balanced framework and guidance to ensure all parties are protected now and well into the future. 

Get it done right – make sure it’s Source!

Experience & Expertise

The Source team have a combined industry experience spanning over 45 years with more than three years in the Build Own & Operation (BOO) of embedded networks within the unique Western Australian market. By overseeing design, project management, delivery, operation and customer management all internally, we are able to ensure a positive outcome for all projects we are involved in. Our construction experience and know-how enables us to liaise and communicate with all design consultants, builders, head contractors and trades to optimise the infrastructure outcome.

Delivering our first solar PV based BOO embedded network in 2016, Source have lead the way in Western Australia and we haven’t slowed down since. By continuing to expand and improve on our knowledge and skills we are  maximising the value and benefits to all projects we are involved with.

“Source Energy Co. makes it simple! Owners, and residents alike set up their own accounts online and their bills are all sent direct to the end user. My Strata Councils love the information and updates and in the past 2 years there has been no issues.”
Realmark Division Manager Karla Roche, Chelsea and Fiore.

Location: Leederville

Scale: 31 apartments,

1 commercial unit,

35kWp Solar

Location: Belmont

Scale: 70 Apartments,
39.9kWp Solar

Location: Midland

Scale: 70 apartments,

2 commercial units, strata,

39.9kWp Solar

The Hub


Location: Perth

Scale: 35 units,
38.4kW  Solar

Location: West Leederville

Scale: 34 units,
2 commercial units, strata,
39kWp Solar

Location: Mount Lawley

Scale: 41 units,
2 commercial strata,
47kWp Solar

Location: Churchlands

Scale: 100 units,
1 commercial strata,
154kWp Solar

Location: Scarborough

Scale: 100 units,
1 commercial strata,
154kWp Solar

Location: East Perth

Scale: 69 units,
3 commercial units, strata,
55kWp Solar, 10kWhr battery

Location: Rockingham

Scale: 66 units, strata,

 92kWp Solar

Working with Source

Source has a strong ethic and sound ethos through the technologies we use and our enhanced interaction with the energy networks we deliver. This commitment maximises the value provided to all stakeholders starting with the original developer and builder, through to the future owners and occupants. Our energy networks extend to supporting the broader power network well into the future.

“In a competitive market Source will provide you with the edge needed to get your project moving and boost your brand.”

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