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More affordable
greener energy -
right from the Source

Source Energy Co. (Source) is a Western Australian-based company dedicated to providing cleaner, affordable and more innovative energy solutions to consumers

Why Choose Source?

Sustainable energy

Green energy, right from the Source.

Better Value

Source customers pay less and get a better service.

Hassle free

Source takes the hassle out of energy bills.

Access to energy data

Get real time feedback. Make better energy decisions.

“It’s great living in a Source supplied apartment. It’s no different to any other energy supplier – just greener and more affordable”

– Paul at Chelsea

Source Energy Co. - A Better Outcome

A better outcome for developers

The Integrated Energy Network – reduce capital cost, improve design outcomes with council, improve sales and marketing and ultimately build a better product. Source can also upgrade existing strata developments.

While energy is an essential component to all projects there is a lot to be gained by doing it the right way.

Engaging with Source at an early stage can assist with obtaining planning bonuses with local government, reduced capital costs, improved space efficiency and enhanced marketing and sales outcomes.

Source will work with you from the design stage to building hand-over, to ensure your building has improved strata value, low environmental impact and future residents get the benefits of lower electricity prices.

Source’s experienced team understands the complexities of the industry and the importance of getting it right first go – we deliver on time, on budget and to specification.

A better outcome for owners

Future Proofed Investment – improve resale value and capital gains by keeping your investment relevant. Over 30 per cent of Western Australians have put solar on their roofs. It’s not a question anymore, people want more innovative energy solutions.

By engaging Source as the energy provider of choice, building owners will be inheriting a future proofed investment that will remain up-to-date and ready for the roll-out of rapidly emerging technologies.

Owners will obtain the financial benefits of utilising onsite renewable energy, without the risk associated with managing hardware, complex and evolving regulations, issues with customer management, including; lifetime support, bad-debt, strata fees and a volatile energy market.

“Buying into a complex with Source is a solid investment. Being future-proof for technology advancement like batteries and electric cars makes a lot of sense.” 

– Brett from Fiore


“Managing buildings that are generating their own clean green and affordable energy is fantastic. Knowing that Source is locally owned and operated is even better. It’s great that Source is responsible for running the entire billing system. Not having to worry about buying and selling electricity and chasing unpaid invoices is a real relief.”

– Acton Strata

A better outcome for occupants

Service Beyond Expectation – living with Source gives you reliable and secure access to affordable sustainable energy whether you own or rent.

Source set out with the goal of providing a superior service compared to others in the energy space. 

We remain committed to this goal and we are delivering on that target, with cheaper tariffs, superior billing system (HotSource™), providing real-time energy data and high quality, personalised customer service, as happy customers are important to us.

It’s also a no-stress, hassle-free source of electricity, because Source manages and maintains the hardware.

“It’s just a better outcome and all developers should be doing it.”

-Planning Office