Wanting to transfer or cancel your account with Source Energy Co.?

We encourage you to transfer your account rather than cancel it to save fees.

If you are moving out, selling or wanting to transfer your account to someone else we need the new tenant, owner, property manager or new account holder to agree to the account change and intended date. We will attempt to contact the new account holder and complete the new account establishment. If this fails after one week the account will be cancelled rather than transferred.

If you wish to just cancel your account a $33.00 fee will be added to you final invoice. If the account remains inactive for 30 days the meter will be decommissioned and the new account holder will need to pay a $33.00 meter recommissioning fee.

Disconnect an existing connection

Once we receive your  application we will endeavour to process it within five business days. If the details in the “New Account” section are incorrect, do not respond or disagree then it is the responsibility of the existing account holder to rectify in a timely fashion. We cannot cancel an account until someone else has signed up to it or requested a disconnection.