Source Energy Co purchases bulk energy from the retail energy market, blends it with the power generated by the solar panels on your building, and delivers it to your apartment via an ‘Embedded Network’. Using a gate meter at the front of the apartment building, this private energy network distributes the energy purchased by Source Energy Co, on-selling it to individual tenants.

Each individual apartment has its own sub-meter incorporating smart meter technology that allows you to track how much power you’re using and how much it’s costing. So you can manage your electricity usage to save even more!

Energy Generation


Energy Generation.

Produce and sell energy onto the wholesale market.

Network Provider


Network Provider.

Owns and maintains poles and wires to get the electricity from generator to you.

Energy Wholesalers


Energy Wholesale.

Licensed Retailers manage the wholesale supply of energy from the Generators to the Retail Market.

Source Energy

Source Energy Co purchases bulk electricity to keep your energy costs down.


By having one centralised Solar PV system on your building, everyone will share the benefits of going green while future proofing your building.


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