Introducing Hot Source – our new improved customer system!

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been busy understanding what customers are looking for from their electricity provider.

Our current system served us well initially but as we’ve been growing it’s quirks have become more like niggles.

What are the benefits?

•  Just one log in will let you view electricity usage and manage all of your account details.

•  Lost or stolen credit card? Need to change your automatic payment details?   Just log in to your account and you can change your credit card or bank details

•  Better payment options, we’ve heard the frustrations and we’ll deliver

Other not so obvious benefits…

•  We’ve changed our hosting, so all your details will load more quickly.

•  We’ve improved our security to ensure your personal information is secure.

•  We’ve automated more internal processes, reducing the chances of human error creeping in to our systems.

•  We’ve set our systems up for future customer features

How does it effect me?

We’ll be communicating via email regularly between mid-February and May to let you know about how it’s going and anything you need to do.

For some customers, they will lose access to their electricity usage dashboard for a while.  We’ll keep this as brief as we can and help out to provide support and data as required.  Once it is back on line you will access near real time and historical data through Hot Source.

For all customers you will receive an email with a username and temporary password so you can sign into the new system.

If you are on paper bills you will also get these details but it is up to you if you want to sign up.  We think the benefits will definitely be worth it, but you will still receive your paper bill, so no need to worry.

Why did we upgrade?

In July 2018, Source Energy Co was just made up of 2 employees, Alex and Mia.  Since that time we’ve been growing and while we knew our existing system got the job done, but it was not pretty for our customers or ourselves.

Based on a survey and feed back from you we joined forces with a software development company in West Leederville and started working on our new system.

Unlike the big energy companies we’re not burdened by big accounting systems and lots of process.  But at the same time we are proving that small companies can still mix it with the big guys, and that our customers can be just as confident in a small company delivering reliable energy whether it be from solar or from the grid.

More information

We’ll be updating information on this web page and via email or you can contact us at