Account Holders

Yes. Each apartment and the common services will have an electricity meter and an electricity account with Source. The account holder will be billed for the electricity consumed through that meter in accordance with our standard retail contract.

Sources standard billing cycle is once a month.

Please use our Contact form and we will issue you an eAmendment for to complete the process.

The strata will have an account with Source and will be billed for all of the electricity used in the common areas and services.

The strata will benefit 24/7 from our super generous strata electricity tariffs meaning your strata levies will be lower! Because we manage the solar, the meters and the billing system the strata doesn’t have any headaches regarding maintenance or buying and selling electricity. Lower prices and no headaches – what’s not to like!

The supply charge is a fixed amount charged each day to your account regardless of how much energy you use. It is used to cover some of the fixed costs of the infrastructure required to supply electricity to you including the power stations, power lines and meters. Even if you only use electricity one day a year all of that infrastructure has to be ready and on demand and it isn’t a cheap piece of infrastructure to keep ready.

Here in Western Australia we have one of the most challenging and expensive electricity networks to manage for three main reasons:

  1. Our network covers an area around the size of the UK but with less than 5% of the population. That means a lot of very expensive poles and wires with not many people to pay for them.
  2. We have a great climate for most of the year except in the middle of summer when we have a run of hot days. Suddenly everyone has the air conditioners going flat out both at work and at home resulting in a huge demand for electricity. To ensure we have enough power generation and enough capacity on the power lines to service this peak load means a lot of it is sitting idle for most of the year. Again a rather costly exercise and largely driven by you the consumer.
  3. We demand a very high standard of supply with minimal outages and good voltage and frequency control. This means top notch power generation and distribution infrastructure built and maintained by top notch labour on first world salaries. Another rather costly exercise.

One way to understand the fixed supply charge is to think of owning a car. Regardless of if you drive it or not you are still having to pay for registration, insurance and depreciation. You could then say “well I will just hire a car or use uber” but then your variable cost would be far higher and considering most of us do use some electricity every day the current model of supply charges is by far the best outcome.

It is also helpful to put it in context with other household expenses. Our average account is running at about $4 day (one cup of coffee) including supply charges. Considering most of our accounts would be supplying two or more people in an apartment that is a pretty small cost. If you look at ABS data the average household spends more per week on eating out than electricity, more on alcohol than electricity and more on telecommunications than electricity. Considering that you rely on electricity to see at night, keep food fresh in the fridge, have a warm shower, keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and enable you to run all of your appliances it’s a pretty good deal.

If you hold an appropriate concession card you may be eligible  for the Energy Concession Extension Scheme.

Details of eligibility and how to apply are located here:

Apply for the Energy Concession Extension Scheme

A link to the information you will need to make an application can be found here:

Application checklist

If you wish to make an application please contact us and we will provide you with the details you relevant to your electricity account.

It is Source Energy Co.’s aim to always be under the gazzetted rate for residential customers. According to relevant regulations we can not charge any more than the gazzetted rate.

Yes, but you will need to work with that retailer and Western Power to install a new meter and establish an account with associated fees. While Source Energy Co. is offering a cheaper energy it would be a hard move to justify.

Based on the average usage profile of Psaros apartments, the occupant would be 20% better off with Source Energy Co. than with Synergy Smart power. Synergy Smart power really only works if you have large controllable loads like swimming pools and bore pumps. If you feel very strongly that Synergy Smart power will work for you please contact us and we can arrange to calculate the potential benefits. You can also use your energy monitoring system to calculate this yourself.

If it is a shared or common charging station it is owned and managed by the strata. Please check with the strata for how to access it and how the electricity used is accounted for.

If it is dedicated to a specific unit owner it is more than likely owned, managed and paid for by that unit owner. However if your are unsure please check with your strata.

Please contact us and we will work with the strata to have it installed.

Faults and Emergencies

Always call emergency services on 000 if there is any risk to someones life or property.

Source Energy Co. is responsible for metering and billing, electricity supply is managed by Western Power and the strata for the distribution.

However here are some quick steps you can take if the power does go out:

Firstly check if it’s just your building or the street. If it’s the street then please head to the Western Power website to see if there has been a network outage in your area and when they expect to have it back up and running.

If it’s just your apartment then it’s likely that one of your RCD’s or fuses has tripped. Turn everything off that may have caused the fault and then head to your switch board to reactivate the tripped switch. If that doesn’t fix it or you don’t feel confident it’s best to contact an electrician to help.

For all other electrical faults within your building please contact the strata or property manager.

You are still connected to Western Power so the only time the power will go out is if there is Western Power fault or an internal electrical issue. If the central solar stops working you will still enjoy the same discounted energy rates and Source will be responsible for getting it back up and running.

If you have your own individual solar system and you think it’s not working you will need to contact the strata manager or the original installer.


All our meters are  National Measurement Institute pattern approved and compliant with NMI M6-1 standards with Class 1,2 accuracy. They are supplied with a valid NATA accredited test report. In short they are more accurate than most meters used by the large energy companies.

If at any stage you feel the meter is not reading correctly we can arrange to have it tested. A fee will only apply if the test shows the meter is reading incorrectly. See the bottom of this page for relevant fees

To protect data integrity an electricity meter, once installed at a location, can not be reset to zero. Much like an odometer in a car it is designed to ensure electricity consumption can always be traced and cross checked.

Source will only take the meter reading from the day you establish your account so you will not be billed for consumption from the previous occupant.


Source Energy Co. is a Western Australian operated company. Source Energy Co has very solid financial backing, an experienced management team and substantial domain knowledge.

Source Energy Co. was initiated to enable developers to continue rolling out a more sustainable product by increasing the volume of solar PV installed on their buildings.

Source Energy Co. will own, manage and maintain all infrastructure associated with the embedded network and solar PV. Source Energy Co. establishes a long term lease of the roof required for the PV and meter boards to locate the SEC meters.